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Our shared house is well equipped and rent is from 48,800 to 60,800 JPY. 10 minutes walk away from Musashi-Nakahara station of JR NAMBU line. 1 station to Musashi-Kosugi station, 2 stations to Mizonokuchi station. Having a good access to Yokohama and Tokyo area.

Every room has a bed, table, chair, storage, and roll screen. You can start life here with only your stuff. There are big couch, co-working space, and bar counter in a living room.
You can enjoy drinking with other residents at the bar space and glamping at wood-deck in good weather. We arranged DJ booth in club space as well. We are sure you guys can have a good time here with us.

Would you like to start your shared life with us??

Share Residence Musaco Information


This property is located in
Kawasaki-shi, Nakahara-ku, Shimoshinjo 2-3-26..

Closest Station

The closest station to this property is 9 min walk from Musashinakahara Station (JR Nambu Line).

Rent Range

Rent at this property ranges between

¥48,800 - ¥60,800


Utility Fee

The utility fee for rooms at this property is ¥14,800.


Bicycle : ¥2,160 (one time) Motorcycle : ¥3,240 per month..

Rental Term

The minimum rent term for rooms at this property are 6 months.

Other Fees

When moving into a room at this property, the following initial fees are also applicable:
1 month's rent and utilities as a deposit.
Management Fee : ¥10,000 (plus tax)
Cleaning fee : ¥20,000 (plus tax)
¥8,000 Fire Insurance Fee
Bed pad and cover fee : ¥2,000 (plus tax).


This property offers the following communal equipment/amenaties: Fitness room, Music room, living, Kitchen, toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry, key pad entrance security, TV, DJ room, bar.


Floor Plan


3 Floors
65 Total Rooms
1 Rooms Available Now
0 Rooms Available Soon

Rooms Available Now

¥ 47,800 Per Month
  • 16.06m² (9.95畳)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Desk and Chair
  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Price shown includes 2 year rental discount.
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