Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

We will ask you to submit the following documents as necessary in connection with your real estate transactions with us. In addition to the use of personal information as described in the list below, we will use the personal information in the following documents for the following purposes

  1. To search for a counterparty to a real estate lease contract, to conclude a lease contract (including a joint guarantee contract), an intermediary contract, or a management contract, and to provide services based on the contract.
  2. To provide information on real estate leasing, brokerage, and management.
  3. To the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of 1 and 2, to provide information to the other party to the contract, prospective lenders and prospective borrowers, other real estate agents, designated distribution organizations, persons, organizations and advertising companies that provide property information in writing or on the Internet, financial institutions involved in financing, judicial scriveners and other professionals involved in registration, etc. In addition, in the case of providing property information to the Designated Real Estate Information Network for the purpose of searching for a counterparty to a contract, or in the case of signing a contract for a property registered with the Designated Real Estate Information Network (1) When a contract is concluded
    (1) When a contract is concluded, the date of the contract, contract price, etc. will be notified to the Specified Real Estate Information Network.
    (2) The Organization will use property information and contract information (contract information does not include the name of the landlord or tenant, and consists of information such as the outline of the property, the date of the contract, and the contract price) for the business of the Organization as stipulated in the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law, including the provision of electronic data and paper media to real estate agents and public organizations that are members of the Organization.
  1. The information to be provided is name, address, telephone number, property information, contract information and other necessary items.
  2. The information will be provided in writing, by telephone, e-mail, the Internet, advertising media, and other means.
  3. The provision of such information will be discontinued upon request from the person in question.
  4. To contact you by mail, telephone, e-mail, etc. in order to provide the services and information described in 1 and 2 above.
  5. To keep the information as necessary to respond to inquiries from customers and to achieve the purpose of 4.
  6. To keep as a ledger and as materials based on Article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law
  7. To conduct price assessments for real estate leases, etc. In addition, contract information used for price assessments may be provided to brokerage clients as a "basis for opinion" when assessing the price of other properties.
    1. (1)The information provided will not include the names of the landlord or tenant, and will include an outline of the property, contract price, and other items that are designed to make it difficult to identify the contracted property.
    2. (2)The information will be provided in writing, by e-mail, or by other means.
    3. (3)The provision of the information will be discontinued upon request from the person in question.
  8. To analyze market trends.
  9. Other purposes of use

The personal information of tenants (in the case of corporate contracts, this refers to the individual who actually resides in the property, not the corporation that is the contractor) will be used for various administrative communications associated with the commencement, continuation, and termination of the lease contract.
In addition, the Company may register the personal information of tenants in applications for tenant management provided by external IT vendors.

Materials, etc. containing personal information Primary purpose of use

Customer reception cards, etc., and forms requesting information materials from the website To introduce properties that meet the customer's information and desired conditions by having the customer fill out the form
Rental Property Survey Checklists To obtain and organize information on properties when requested by landlords to mediate or manage properties.
Registry, survey map, official map, drawing, photograph, floor plan To clarify the rights, status, neighboring land, boundary, location, area, etc. of the property
To organize the properties for which mediation or management is requested by each customer.
Individual lease conditions for requested properties To organize the lease conditions for each individual property and provide appropriate information to prospective tenants
Tenant application form To have prospective tenants indicate their intention to apply for a contract
Official identification, seal registration certificate To confirm the identity of the prospective tenant
Reference materials regarding the prospective tenant's eligibility To provide information about the prospective tenant to the landlord, and for the landlord to determine whether to conclude a contract
Statement of Important Matters To explain important matters as stipulated in Article 35 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law, a copy of which will be retained for at least five years as a transaction ledger in accordance with Article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.
In order to clarify the contractual relationship between the parties in a real estate transaction and to deliver the document stipulated in Article 37 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law, a copy is kept for five years or more as a transaction ledger based on Article 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law.
To clarify that the guarantor is willing to jointly and severally guarantee a specific lease contract.
To confirm the condition of the property at the time of moving in and out.
Key receipt To prove that the key has been handed over to the tenant
Monthly reports To report the status of property management to the landlord
In the event that the landlord is not present at the time of the lease contract, the chief real estate agent will act as a messenger to conclude the contract on behalf of the landlord.
Rent Collection Status Sheet To report to the landlord on the status of rent collection.
Remittance of Rent, etc. To report the remittance to the landlord of the rent, etc. received
Notice of Non-Payment of Rent To notify the tenant of non-payment of rent, etc. and to encourage payment
To remind the tenant of rent arrears when the rent arrears have not been remedied by the notice of rent arrears.
To ask the tenant to promise to pay the overdue rent.
Notice of Termination of Lease Contract To terminate the lease contract for the convenience of the landlord or tenant during the contract period.
Notice of Term Expiration/Renewal To confirm the tenant's intentions when the landlord is willing to renew the contract at the end of the contract period.
Move-out notice To provide the tenant with a guide for moving out so that the move-out procedure will go smoothly.
To agree on the cost of repairs and restoration at the time of moving out.
Certificate of Settlement of Security Deposit To clarify the details of settlement when the security deposit is returned
In the case of a fixed-term building lease contract, to provide an explanation to the tenant from the landlord prior to the conclusion of the contract
Notice of the end of the fixed-term lease contract In the case of a fixed-term lease contract, the landlord notifies the tenant one year to six months prior to the end of the term.
Management contract To entrust the management of the real estate to us by the landlord
Lease brokerage/agency agreement To request the landlord to act as an intermediary or agent for the property.