Share Lieto Ichikawa Gyotoku

Good Access to Tokyo!!

Easy access to the city center! ShareLiet Ichikawa Gyotoku" will open in March 2020! The "Gyotoku Kamonegi Shopping Association" in front of the station is very lively, and all the convenient items for daily life can be found in the neighborhood. When you return home, you can enjoy a relaxing share house life with friends you know and love. There's also a billiards room, music room, and private gym. There's also a billiards room, a music room, and a private gym, as well as shared surfboards and rental cars. There are also two spacious living rooms in the house. Let's start a new share house life with your house mates, just the way you like it! Translated with (free version)

General Information


This property is located in :

Rent Range

¥50,800 - ¥79,800


parking area for bicycles: ¥ 550 / month

Bike parking area for bicycles: ¥ 5,280 / month

Other Fees

Administration fee: 900 yen/month
Cleaning fee: 33,000 yen (tax included)
Fire insurance: 10,000 yen / 1 year or 18,000 yen / 2 years
Bed pads and sheets (for bed use): 2,200 yen (tax included)
Security Deposit : ¥33,000 (tax included) Security deposit will be used to cover cleaning costs when you move out.
Guarantee company : Orico Current Insurance (Guarantee fee: 1.2% of the total monthly payment)

Closest Station

10 minutes from Gyotoku Station on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

Utility Fee

The utility fee for rooms at this property is ¥14,800

Rental Term

The minimum rent term for rooms at this property is 6month~


This property offers the following communal equipment/amenaties:
Kitchen, toilet, bathroom, shower room, laundry room, key pad entrance secuity,TraningGym,Musicroom,

Building Information

Room Gallery

Available Rooms

  • 407 - ¥59,800


    Bed, air conditioner, desk, chair,bathroom

  • 102 - ¥52,800


    Bed, air conditioner, desk, chair,bath room

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